2.1.1 update

2.1.1 - Released 4/28/2018. The following changes were made in this version:

- If you’re using a Windowed display option whose resolution is greater than your screen’s actual resolution at the time you launch Falling Plus, it’ll temporarily fall back to the highest setting your screen actually supports.
- On Windows, pressing Alt+Tab when in fullscreen mode no longer crashes the game.  Instead, the game will gracefully and temporarily exit fullscreen mode until you return to it.
- On Mac, pressing Command+Tab when in fullscreen mode actually switches tasks now.  Previously, Command+Tab would have no effect (you needed to quit the game to switch tasks).
- On Mac, the save file now saves in the current user’s Library/Preferences folder, instead of in a random temp folder.  The old location will still be checked the first time the game is started, so you won’t lose any previous data.
- On Mac, the game is now distributed with an installer, as opposed to just an application.


FallingPlusMac2.1.1.dmg 23 MB
Apr 28, 2018
FallingPlusWin2.1.1.zip 13 MB
Apr 28, 2018

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