2.1.0 update

2.1 - Released 11/4/2017. The following changes were made in this version:

- The internal font size is now much greater, giving the font a much sharper appearance at higher resolutions.
- On Windows, the file is no longer saved in a temp folder. It's in its own folder in AppData\Local. (It’s still in a temp folder on Mac…sorry.) Falling Plus 2.1 will check the old location for an existing save the first time you start it, so you won't lose anything when you upgrade.
- Before, the key config menu would say that ESC clears an assignment, but it didn't actually do anything. Now, you can press ESC while assigning to clear an assignment, and the help text accurately reflects this.
- Previously, 1280x1024 resolution didn't work due to aspect ratio problems. This resolution option has been changed to 1366x1024. Also, 2133x1600 resolution was added as an additional option.
- Name entry behavior was changed. When advancing to the next initial, instead of going back to "A," we now start from the letter just entered. Many classic games behave this way, and now Falling Plus does too. (Thanks to the person at Playcrafting's 2017 Halloween event who suggested this; I wish I'd asked for your name!)
- Gameplay change implemented: Placing a block in such a way that it overlaps Wally will now push Wally in the direction the block was placed. Previously, this would push Wally based only on what side of the block he wound up on (and if the block's position was identical to his, Wally would simply be pushed to the left, which often caused undesired behavior). Thanks to Quinn Lanahan for identifying this behavior and suggesting the change; I believe that the game is definitely better as a result!


FallingPlusWin2.1.0.zip 13 MB
Nov 04, 2017
FallingPlusMac2.1.0.dmg 25 MB
Nov 04, 2017

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